Beginner to advanced canoeing lessons. Extended multi-day canoe trips. 

Become a skilled canoe tripper

Take our progressive canoeing lessons, then practice on an extended canoe trip with our certified guides to explore some of Canada's most beautiful heritage rivers. We offer skill-building clinics and backcountry cooking lessons as well.

What sets us apart? 

Unique experiences. Our paddling staff are seasoned canoe-tripping guides that plan trips to a variety of remote places creating unique paddling/wilderness experiences.

Community catered. All participants and guides take turns providing and cooking group breakfasts and suppers. This helps to keep the cost of the trips affordable.

Shuttled or self-drive. Many trips offer the choice of driving to the put-in instead of paying to join our van shuttle.

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Canoeing lessons and trips

Take our progressive canoeing lessons - the ABCs, then join our experienced guides on extended wilderness canoe trips to beautiful remote locations. We also offer skill-building clinics to build your confidence for the paddling season. 

Canoe Trips 2022 - Coming Soon

Wind River Canoe Trip

Wind River, YT

Join us for a few weeks in 2020 on a true wilderness adventure. The Wind River in the Yukon Territory is a northern gem situated in the Peel River watershed and Mackenzie mountain range. It is one of the largest unspoiled natural environments in the world. Attend our free presentation to speak to the guide who will be leading the trip. More information.

Fond du Lac canoe trip

Fond du Lac, SK

The Fond du lac is a unique canoe trip that has beautiful topography, from sandy beaches and benches to the granite rock of the Canadian Shield. Spectacular sandstone cliffs and two sets of falls make this one of the top canoe trips in Northern Saskatchewan. There are also many runnable rapids and only 2 mandatory portages. Amazing campsites, great fishing and photography make this an unforgettable trip. More information.

Quetico, ON

Quetico, ON

Quetico Park is an Iconic and world-famous backcountry canoeing destination in Ontario. Spend a week with us exploring the vast network of lakes. This is the perfect trip to finish up the paddling season—all while enjoying the beautiful fall colours of the classic Canadian Shield landscape. More information.

Churchill River

Churchill River, SK

Paddle through a succession of shimmering lakes, connected by short portages, rapids and waterfalls. Follow the path of early explorers and discover great camping and fishing in the Canadian Shield. Come alive in the land of wind, water, and rock!  We will follow the voyageur route from Stanley Mission and portage the famous Frog Portage and finish on the Sturgeon Weir River. More information.

Do you spend a lot of time in remote, backcountry locations? Wilderness First Aid