Outdoor Centre 2020 FAQ

Q. Is the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre just for students? 
A. No. Our programs, trips and rentals are open to everyone on and off campus.

Q. Where can I park?
A. If you are renting or dropping off gear, you can use our free 15-minute loading zone. If you are taking a program or climbing on the walls, please use the University of Calgary pay lots. Lots 10 and 11 are the closest day-rate lots to the Outdoor Centre, accessed from 32nd Ave NW. Find Parking

Q. I'm unable to sign the online wavers or forms. What do I do? 
A. Go back and read the detailed instructions on the course registration confirmation email. Sometimes switching to Internet Explorer works. If you are still having problems, contact Active Living Client Services at 403.220.7749.

Q. Can I bring my own gear to a program?
A. Some programs include gear and some do not. Most will allow you to use your own gear. Check the program details or contact the program coordinator to confirm.

Q. Do you offer dates other than the ones on your website?
A. Programmers will put in all the available dates at the beginning of both the summer and winter seasons. You can request a custom booking if you have a specific date and activity(s) in mind. Group Bookings Overview page

Q. I have a question about my program. Who do I contact?
A. Please reread your program information and the confirmation email instructions carefully. If you still have questions, contact the program coordinator. 

Q. It's really cold. Now what?
A. We can safely run activities even when it’s very cold by dressing for the weather and staying active. Sometimes if the roads are poor or the weather is dangerous, we will be forced to postpone the program. Please check the program details for withdrawal / transfer and cancellation policies.

Q. How does carpooling work in your hiking and snowshoeing trips?
A. Groups meet in NW Calgary and take fewer cars to lessen the environmental impact of travel, but participants are expected to be able to drive themselves and just arrange details in the morning. We run many trips that include van transportation if you are unable to drive, or prefer to catch a ride.

Q. Do all programs have van transportation options?
A. No. Some programs include van transportation, some offer optional van transportation registered separately, and other programs require self-transport. Please read the program descriptions for details.

Outdoor Centre Summer Camps

Q. Are Outdoor Centre summer camps part of the University of Calgary summer camps?
A. Yes. Outdoor camps are run by the Outdoor Centre, but share some common operations with the other camps on campus, like parking, check-in systems, before and after camp care, bussing and more. Check the details of each camp to get information on pickup/drop-offs, absences, food, equipment, and the camp itinerary.

Q. Are outdoor camp leaders certified?
A. All outdoor camp leaders have completed a Police Information Check (with vulnerable sector). Urban camp leaders are certified with Standard First Aid & CPR Level C or higher. Out-of-city camp leaders are certified in 40-hour Wilderness First Aid or higher. Out-of-city camp leaders who drive for us have a Class 4 business driver’s license and have completed the University of Calgary trailer driving course.