Lessons and skill-building courses

Start with beginner lessons and progress as your skills develop. Our experienced instructors teach kids and adults year-round.

What sets us apart? 

Built to practice outdoor mountain skills. Our 13m indoor climbing wall features an Entre-Prises wall and molded concrete panels embedded with quartzite holds, texture, cracks and chimneys. It was designed to learn/practice leading on gear, anchor building, rappelling, rock rescue and crevasse rescue. 

A revamped bouldering wall. The bouldering wall in the basement of the Kinesiology A block was revamped in 2019 through recommendations and feedback of the local climbing community.

Students and group discounts. University of Calgary students have free access to the climbing walls as part of their fees.

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Bouldering wall

Climbing and bouldering

Start with indoor adult beginner climbing courses on our climbing and bouldering walls.

youth climbing

Youth climbing

Our experienced climbing instructors progressive skills to kids of all ages on our climbing and bouldering walls.

Want to use the climbing or bouldering walls?


Climbing and Bouldering

Brad Cooke
Program Coordinator, Guide, Instructor


Our program coordinators

Youth Climbing & Bouldering

Bridget Mahaffey
Program Coordinator, Instructor

Nikko Jacobs
Assistant Program Coordinator, Instructor

T. 403.220.7090

Our program coordinators

Did you know? Our climbing instructors and facilities are certified with Autism Climbs.