Bouldering Wall Safety Code

Responsibilities of Climbers

All open climbing times are unsupervised. All users must accept full personal responsibility to take reasonable precautions to protect themselves from injury and not to endanger other climbers and passersby while using the wall. 

All users must have and display the appropriate wristband. 

The Outdoor Centre reserves the right to suspend or remove access to the facility if a user is observed violating any of these safety points or behaving in a way that puts themselves and/or others at risk of injury. 


• The bouldering fall zone is all padded floor spaces outside of the marked sitting/observation area and this area must be kept clear at all times.

• Do not move any mats.

• Please keep your shoes and shirts on.

• Do not move, rotate, or remove holds. Spinners can be directed to the Outdoor Centre Climbing office/staff.

• Bouldering wall users are highly encouraged to seek qualified instruction to learn any new skills.

• Any injuries, incidents, or equipment issues must be reported to the Outdoor Centre Staff immediately.

• The Outdoor Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

• All non-climbing visitors must check in with the Outdoor Centre Manager and complete Visitor Health and Safety Orientation.

In the Interest of Safety

• All climbers are highly encouraged to have a spotter and practice safe falling techniques.

• Down-climb to get off the wall. Do not jump.

• Do not climb over or under another climber.


• Youth under the age of 14 must be directly supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

• The red bouldering line marks the top safe bouldering zone for youth under the age of 7. This height must not be exceeded without the direct supervision and guidance of Outdoor Centre climbing staff.

• Youth 14–17 are permitted to use the bouldering wall without adult supervision.