Bike Repair / Ski and Board Tuning Overview

We offer full-service bike tuning and repairs at reasonable rates from spring to fall. The Outdoor Centre bike technician team has over 35 years of service experience. With knowledge in a wide range of bikes and services, we'll get you and your bike rolling smoothly again in no time.

During the winter season, we have a full-service in-house ski & board tech shop that allows our technicians to do full tune-ups, base grind, side edges and waxing at Calgary’s best prices. All our tuning equipment is provided by Wintersteiger Sports from Germany.

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Ski Tuning

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment and prevents costly repairs. Drop off your snowboards or  downhill, backcountry, telemark and cross-country skis with one of our qualified technicians.

Standard Tune - $40 
- Edge sharpen
- Base grind / polish
- Hand wax
*For skis and boards WITHOUT base damage. Turnaround time subject to workload, but typically less than 48 hours.

Full Tune - $60
- All items in Standard Tune 
- P-tex (minor base repairs) 
- Base structure added (stone grind)
*For skis and boards with minor base damage. Turnaround time subject to workload, but typically less than 48 hours.

Itemized Repairs
- Edge sharpen - $20
- Base grind / polish - $20
- Hand wax - $20
- Delamination repair - $30
- Base patch / edge repair - by estimate

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Bike Repair Services

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your bicycle and prevents costly repairs. Our full-service bike repair shop has a wide range of parts and accessories available to the public.

Comprehensive Tune-Up - $85 (parts extra)
- Remove chain, cassette, crankset and chainring(s) and clean thoroughly
- Clean and inspect frame
- Check hanger alignment
- Assess and adjust hubs
- Assess bottom bracket, torque to frame  
- True wheels (lateral/radial, dish)
- True disc brake rotors
- Remove brake pads, de-glaze surfaces
- Adjust brake calipers (bleeds extra)
- Adjust derailleur limits and shifter cables
- Lubricate drivetrain and all pivoting points
- Check and adjust headset bearings, stem
- Tighten/check all fasteners
- Inflate Tires
- Test ride
Includes any part installations at no extra charge (example: cables, brake pads, bar tape, drivetrain)

Basic Tune Up - $65 (parts extra)
Includes everything in our Comprehensive Tune-Up, EXCEPT 
- Chain, cassette, crankset and chainring(s) are not removed from the bike during the tune-up process. 
- Part installations cost extra.

Not sure what you need? Our technicians will assist in choosing the work most suited to your bike.

Itemized Repairs
- Flat tire repair - $15 - 20 with new tube
- Derailleur adjustment (front and rear) - $25
- Brake adjustment (front and rear) - $25
- Brake bleed (hydraulic) - $30
- Hub overhaul - $20 - $30
- Bottom bracket service - $30
- Wheel truing - $15 - $25 per wheel

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