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Wilderness First Aid / Swiftwater Rescue

New Wilderness First Aid Certification Changes since 2023

Effective 1 March 2023, changes mandated by Alberta Workplace Health and Safety have be implemented, altering our range of Wilderness First Aid Programs.

Read details from Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine.

Workplace Certification: Specialty first aid programs will no longer be approved by Alberta Workplace Health and Safety. All courses will be shifting to include an urban first aid certification with CPR for workplace recognition in addition to the Wilderness certification. 
The 80- and 40-hour programs include Intermediate (Standard) First Aid with CPR-C, while the 24-hour program includes Basic (Emergency) First Aid with CPR-C. 
Watch for information coming soon on Advanced First Aid options offered Fall 2024.

Mixed Delivery: Most courses now include a portion of online self-study in advance of the classroom days, included in the course length.

New Titles: Our 24-, 40-, and 80-hour courses will be offered in a similar format, but with new names to reflect the curriculum update and industry standard. If you are taking a recertification course, look for the course of equivalent length, or us at email ocprograms@ucalgary.ca with any questions about selecting the correct updated course.

Recertification: The 24-hour Remote First Aid course no longer has a separate recertification. As there is a lot to cover in a short time, recertification will be done by taking the full course again.

Course Equivalences

Previous Certification

RMAM 24-hour Remote Responder

RMAM 40-hour Adventure Medic

RMAM 80-hour Advanced Adventure Medic

New Certification

RMAM 24-hour Remote First Aid (no separate recertification)

RMAM 40-hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid (20-hour recertification)

RMAM 80-hour Wilderness First Responder (40-hour recertification)

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Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid training is a must for outdoor adventurers. Learn everything from backcountry emergencies to becoming an advanced adventure medic. Certification through Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine.

Swiftwater rescue

Swiftwater Rescue

Don't let your day of paddling turn into a crisis. Learn how to stay safe in fast-moving water and rescue yourself or others. Your friends will thank you. Certification through Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine.


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