Bouldering Wall

Bouldering Wall

Our bouldering area is made up of three unique walls; an overhung concrete wall with built-in and plastic features, a cinder block wall of inset concrete features, and a new, dynamic wooden wall. A dedicated route setting team is continually setting and cleaning the problems.

Bouldering Wall check list

Read the Safety Code

Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Prior to using the wall for the first time, you must read the safety code.

Bouldering Wall Safety Code.

Check the schedules

The wall is sometimes used for group lessons. Please check the schedules in advance to ensure that you have access.

Bouldering Wall Weekly Schedule

Check in

Check in with photo ID or UCID and get an Active Living wristband which you must wear at all times in the wall space. Get the wristband from the Outdoor Centre or Active Living Client Services before access the wall.

Bouldering Wall Fees

Bouldering Wall Access

All users are required to display an Active Living wrist band, which shows they are students, members or have paid access to the facility. Get your wristband from the Outdoor Centre or Active Living Client Services before accessing the wall.

- Youth under the age of 14 must be directly supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

- Youth under the age of 7 must keep below the red bouldering line.

- Youth 14 – 17 are permitted to use the bouldering wall without adult supervision.

Need skills? Check out our variety of progressive and skill-building bouldering lessons.

Bouldering Wall Rules

Please review the bouldering wall rules before entering the wall space. Understand that climbing is inherently dangerous and the first level of protection is the climber themselves.


Clear the mat

Ensure mat area is free of any hazards you could fall onto: people, objects etc.


No food

Food and drinks are not allowed on the mats at any time.



Remove dirty footwear and store belongings on the shelves provided.

falling climber

Move away

Carefully move out of the fall zones as soon as possible to avoid contact with falling climbers.

down arrow


Down-climb and step off the wall instead of jumping. Use a spotter effectively.

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Safety feedback

Do you have any safety concerns? Contact the Outdoor Centre front desk staff immediately.

Did you know? Our climbing instructors and facilities are certified with Autism Climbs.