Bike Repair Services

Get your bike tuned or repaired in our Bike Shop—located at the Outdoor Centre rental shop on the University of Calgary campus. 

Bike Shop

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your bicycle and prevents costly repairs. Our full service bike repair shop has a wide range of parts and accessories available to the public. Book your mountain, road or e-bike in with one of our qualified mechanics.

Basic Tune Up

$65 (parts extra)

  • Frame cleaning and inspection
  • Check and adjust headset, stem, and bars
  • Check and tighten BB and cranks
  • Hub adjustment
  • Wheel truing (lateral/radial, dish)
  • Inflate tires
  • Adjustment of derailleur limits and cables
  • Lubrication of drivetrain and all pivoting points
  • Check hanger alignment
  • Brake cable tension
  • Brake caliper adjustment (bleeds extra)
  • Pad wear check
  • Rotor true
  • Test ride

Comprehensive Tune Up

$85 (parts extra)

  • Includes all items in Minor Tune Up 
  • Chain, cassette, chain rings thoroughly cleaned 
  • Includes any part installations at no extra charge (example: cables, brake pads, bar tape, drivetrain)

Itemized Repairs

  • Flat tire repair - $15 - 20 with new tube
  • Derailleur adjustment (front and rear) - $25
  • Brake adjustment (front and rear) - $25
  • Brake bleed (hydraulic) - $30
  • Hub overhaul - $20 - $30
  • Bottom bracket service - $30
  • Wheel truing - $15 - $25 per wheel

Want to learn to do it yourself? Take our Bike Repair courses.