Avalanche Safety

Avalanche board

Did you know?

Most avalanches are human-triggered

In 90% of avalanche incidents, the VICTIM or someone in the victim's party triggers the avalanche.

The degree of the slope matters

Avalanches most commonly occur on slopes between 20 and 45 degrees. 

Weather conditions play a role

Rapidly changing weather conditions are a strong indicator of increasing avalanche danger.

You should learn to look up

You can also trigger an avalanche from BELOW a slope. Learn to recognize avalanche terrain and overhead hazards.

It's your responsibility

All persons who travel in the backcountry in and around avalanche terrain need to take an Avalanche Skills Training course, and practice companion rescue skills every year. 

Do you ski, board, climb or sled in the backcountry? Take Avalanche Skills Training


Mountain Conditions

Check recent conditions in the mountains as reported by professional guides.

Mountain Conditions report


Check detailed forecasts for a variety of mountains at different elevations.

Mountain Weather Forecast